About Us

American-Now began in 2013 as the byproduct of a friendly debate during a state of the union address. The founders, two complete strangers at the time, found themselves sharing a common love of both their adopted nation and its highly participatory civic system. As the conversation went on, a central issue began to emerge, why wasn’t their interest in the process shared more broadly? Although the causes broad, they felt that a lack of understanding of the civic process was central to the issue. To this end American-Now was founded.


Elena McCullough was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the USA when she was 16. She moved in with her aunt in California and quickly learned English. After graduating from high school, she joined the U.S. Coast Guard. She started as an E-1 and worked through the ranks and soon became a US citizen. She served in Alaska, California, Puerto Rico, Alabama, and Florida. Elena went to “boot camp” two times, first as an Enlisted and 14 years later in Officer Candidate School. As an officer she served mostly in the marine safety field. In 1998, Elena had an opportunity to participate in an international mission in the Dominican Republic, the country of her birth. After serving 24 years she retired as a Lieutenant in order to spend more time with her family. She had a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Excelsior University. Elena is married and has a adult son and a 17 year old daughter. She has extensive experience working on civic outreach, ran for a State House seat in Florida in 2010, and has been mentoring youth for years. In the Spring and Summer of 2013, Elena served as interim State Director of MI Familia Vota, a civic outreach organization for foreign born seniors interested in becoming US citizens. In late 2014 through early 2015, she served as the Outreach Coordinator for Pasco County housing authority in Lacoochee, Florida working to improve the lives and living conditions of area residents. She was particularly effective in working with area partners including local businesses, churches, and non profits. Elena enjoys community service and teamwork, and leads the non profit organization American Now! She is also the current President of the Pasco Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Noemi Schott was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, later moving to the United States at age 27. She graduated from P.U.C.M.M. University in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 1996 with a Bachelor degree in Marketing. Post graduation, she worked for several local corporations in marketing research, sales, and customer service. In the year 2000, she moved to the U.S. (Florida) where, once legally established, she returned to working in sales and customer service for several companies throughout Florida. Later, in 2003, she moved once more, this time to Ogden, Utah. As fate would have it, her husband joined the United States Air Force on that year and had been subsequently assigned to their new home at Hill AFB, Utah. It was shortly after this momentous change that she unexpectedly became hired as a Boy Scout of America Outreach Executive, and in turn, found her true calling in the form of community outreach. Following the closure of the program under which she had served, she later on worked as a Leasing Consultant until her return to Florida, yet could never quite forget the positive experiences of serving the community. In the years that followed her return to Florida in 2009, she decided to focus more intently in pursuing opportunities that allowed her to once again serve the communities where she lived. From volunteering time for community events to eventually working with several nonprofits such as “Mi Familia Vota” and “Enroll America” as a community organizer. In 2013, while attending a community event, she met who would later become both a dear friend and co-founder of a dream made reality, American Now! A dream centered on the new American experience and ensuring the success of all those have come to call this great nation home.


Wilson E. Blount. was born in Cuthbert, GA where he graduated from Henderson High School and attended Tuskegee University earning a BS in Business Management and an MA in Public Administration from Ball State University. While at Tuskegee he enrolled in Air Force ROTC, and upon graduation was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Wilson spent 10 years on active duty, and upon separation entered the Air Force Reserves. In 1997 he retired from the reserves as a Colonel. Wilson also retired from the Air Force Civil Service as a Senior Weapons Safety Manager in 2000. Wilson has been active in the community since arriving here from San Bernardino, CA in 1993. He is a member of the NAACP, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and a Founding member of the General Lloyd W. “Fig” Newton Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, and AMVETS. His most rewarding activity was serving as a Big Brother to a young man in the community. An association that lasted more than six years.

Wilson is married to the former Bobbie J. Dunning, of Mobile AL, who is also a graduate of Tuskegee University. They are the proud parents of Torin and Shana Blount, and grandparents of Makayla, Tanner, and Bryce.