1. American Now!
    The purpose of this educational app is to prepare aspiring citizens for the Naturalization Test. The application is available in both English and Spanish. The American Now! app was developed with the key audience being Florida residents. So all local and state representative questions will be based on Florida representatives.

    **Please research your local, state, and federal representatives before taking the U.S. Naturalization exam, as these change often and vary by your location.

  2. Download for Android: Google Play Store

  3. iLobby-This is an application (smartphone app) that is under development, and which is meant to move from an understanding of civics to its application. It will illustrate all of the different ways in which a citizen can have a decisive part to play in the decisions taken within his/her local community, region, state, and ultimately, country. It will feature a series of situations in which a community issue is described, followed by the appropriate method for its resolution. To illustrate, imagine a defective traffic light on a particularly busy intersection. Who’s responsible for it? What’s the appropriate person to contact regarding its repair? If that person is unavailable, can the request be legally escalated? Through situations like these the user will be shown, not only what he/she can address, but also the actual functions of a commissioner, a mayor, or a state senator (among others). The goal is to teach applied civics in a way that’s personally engaging and empowering. This program will not promote any political party, legislation or political cause.
  4. Coming Soon!
    Coming Soon!

    [Link to Download Page: Android – iOS]