Future Naturalized Citizens

We are encouraging everyone who is applying for citizenship to visit the website www.welcometousa.gov where the USCIS office provides a lot of resources and value information to applicants. Following are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which is the right website for USCIS?

The correct website for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is www.uscis.gov, not http://uscis.com. The second site is a for profit company, not the government.

What is the form that I need to fill to apply for citizenship?

The required form is the N-400 that you can download free at http://www.uscis.gov/n-400

How do I know if I meet all the requirements?

All requirements are listed, step-by-step, at: www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learners/apply-citizenship

Where do I find the study materials for the naturalization test?

The material for the test can be found at:

American-Now will soon make available a free game application based on this same material.

Are the study materials available in any other languages?

Yes the study materials are available in different languages. http://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/other-languages

Where do I get free legal services?

The U.S department of justices (DOJ) provides a list of organizations that are allowed to provide legal services to immigrants. For the state of Florida, please see: http://www.justice.gov/eoir/pages/attachments/2015/04/22/freelglcht-fl.pdf

What is the difference between a notary and a lawyer in the USA?

In the United States a notary is not an attorney and thus cannot provide legal advice on immigration.

Where can I find English and/or citizenship courses in my community?

The America Literacy Directory can help you find local resources in the community